Why Do Kids Love Mexican Food?

If your childhood was anything like ours, you might remember fondly how every Tuesday was taco night at the family dinner table. While we were excited about the Mexican food in front of us, your parents were just happy to make an easy but delicious meal. Read our blog post below to learn why kids love Mexican food and why you should include it in your weekly dinner plans.

Tacos are Quick, Easy, and Delicious Examples of Why Kids Love Mexican Food

Probably the most common Mexican meal, tacos are simple, yet versatile dishes that add plenty of excitement at the dinner table. Whether you like them soft or crunchy, you can stuff just about anything into a taco shell. Including:

  • Proteins like chicken, beef, pork, and tofu.
  • Vegetables, like tomatoes, onions, and lettuce, for that refreshing taste.
  • Top it with your choice of cheese.

Kids love these because they’re fun to eat and they can fill up on them rather quickly. Moreover, parents love them because they’re super easy to make. Simply cook, assemble, and serve!

Kids LOVE Cheese

I mean, who doesn’t love cheese? No matter what age you are, adding cheese to almost any dish can elevate it to a whole new level. One example of a Mexican food kids love is cheese enchiladas. They can be filled with any type of ingredients from chicken to pulled pork to grilled veggies. Additionally, you can cheese it up, as enchiladas are meant to be extra cheesy on the outside and crispy on the inside. 

Mexican Food Can Easily Be Made Into a Snack

If you have a child who prefers eating smaller portions or you want to cook up some snacks for when they’re on the go, Mexican food is the way to go. Kids love getting bite-sized varieties of their Mexican favorites. It gives them the ability to enjoy the foods they love throughout the day without spoiling their appetite. As a parent, you also won’t have to worry too much about what they’re eating, as Mexican food can be fairly healthy.

Kids (and Parents) Also Love The Original Grande!

If your kids are in the mood for tacos, The Original Grande is the place for you. Remember how we said kids love cheese? Our cheese roll-up will leave your kids feeling full and satisfied. We also serve a Taco Burger, an across-the-border take on an American classic. 

Stop by The Original Grande to fuel your inner fiesta and experience a delicious Mexican menu without having to leave Kansas. Visit a location near you and see why people are saying “Viva Grande!”


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