What Goes Into the Perfect Burrito?

Biting into the perfect burrito makes a good day even better! Having just the right burrito fillings can fill you up and keep you feeling satiated longer. There’s a reason burritos are a popular dine-in or take-out option across the globe. They are perfectly convenient to carry and packed with delicious fillings.

If you love burritos, you’re gonna love them even more after reading about what goes into making the perfect burrito. Keep reading to learn more!

Flour Tortillas: A Perfect Wrap

Flour tortillas are like the thin crust of bread options when it comes to wrapping up your burrito fillings. The nice thing about flour tortillas is they’re thin and hold the fillings together without breaking and causing a mess. 

Unlike bread slices and other dough options, tortillas are thin and don’t take up so much space but still make you feel satisfied with the number of carbs in your meal. Dense bread with a meal can make you feel bloated and loaded up with too many sleepy carbs and not enough energy-promoting protein. Flour tortillas help you enjoy the protein-filled inside without the unnecessary carb load.

Burrito Fillings that Taste Like Perfection

Getting the right burrito filling combination ‌is always a great success! Whatever protein you choose, tossing in some shredded cheese can taste like the cherry on top. Since flour tortillas are dry, you want your burrito filling to include creamy textures along with your protein of choice. 

For example, if you had dry burrito fillings in a dry tortilla, that would be far from perfect. You need a dash of salsa, some cheese, creamy refried beans, etc. 

Here are four burrito options that all tie for first place in perfection:

  • Bean and Cheese A 10” flour tortilla with a large helping of creamy refried beans and fresh cheese.
  • Beef and Cheese — A 10” flour tortilla with a large helping of seasoned ground beef and shredded cheese.
  • Chicken A burrito loaded with fresh white breast meat, beans, and shredded cheese.
  • Combo Burrito— A 10” flour tortilla with freshly prepared meat, cooked beans, and shredded cheese.

Of course, the combinations of flavors are seemingly endless when coming up with what type of burrito you’d like to eat. However, that’s what makes burritos so amazing. Their versatility and convenience often put them ahead of other food items on the menu. 

A Healthy Food Option

Burritos are also a healthy alternative to many other types of food. The flour tortilla is thin and doesn’t have too many carbs, and the burrito fillings often include proteins such as beef, chicken, black beans or refried beans. All these types of fillings are rich in fiber, making them a healthy food option. A hearty burrito built to perfection can keep you full and satisfied for longer periods of time keeping you from overeating or snacking throughout the day. 

Overall, the perfect burrito has the filling combination that you love and is just enough to keep you satisfied and feeling full and focused on other things throughout your busy day.

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