A Taste of the
A soft taco with cheese, taco meat and tomato
A Fiesta
at your
Diner Table
A burrito cut in half, with taco meat, cheese, lettuce and tomato, with cartoon drawn angel wings

Tasty Flavors,
friendly Service

When you visit The Original Grande, you expect the best. And expecting the best is easy at our restaurants, where we prioritize great flavors and welcoming service. This starts with using fresh ingredients and a strong dedication to serving the best product we can to EVERY guest.

A top down view of a cut in half avocado with the pit.
A cartoon drawing of a red, blue and yellow sombrero

Feed Your
Grande Size

Mexican food is synonymous with feeding large groups of people. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, holiday, or special occasion, The Original Grande knows how to get the party started.

A clipart drawn green car with the Original Grande logo. with a cactus driving sticking his head out the window.



Cartoon drawn hearts with wings on either side of the word "love" in pink
It’s simple math, everyone loves tacos and burritos. At The Original Grande, our Mexican fare is a fiesta for the soul. Don’t believe us? Find out for yourself!

show your love

You like us, you really like us! Besides a full stomach, what do you have to show for it? Treat your friends and yourself with a “Grande” gesture and pick up Original Grande swag from our online store.

Black T-shirts shown from the front and back with The Original Grande logo on the front, and a cactus holding a taco on the back with the words "Feelin' Taco-Tastic"
Cartoon drawn lightening bolts

Light it Up

Whether you like it hot or not, The Original Grande has the sauce for you. Made with all-natural ingredients, our sauces range from a warm spring morning to a scorching summer day in the Southwest. Without water. Visit one of our restaurants to heat up any dish.

A top down view of a bowl of red salsa with cilantro and red pepper garnish
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