Taco Seasoning: Ingredients & Popular Non-Taco Uses

There’s something unique about taco seasoning that magically pulls all the other ingredients together. Your tacos just don’t taste the same when they lack the right spices and seasoning to make it really hit the spot. 

Although we know this, how many of us actually know what ingredients go into taco seasoning and what other ways we could use it in the kitchen? To find out the answer to this question, keep reading!

What is Taco Seasoning Anyway?

Taco meat without taco seasoning is just bland and lacking in a potential of vibrant flavor. Taco seasoning was created to enhance all the other flavorful ingredients used to make this iconic dish. You’ll find the seasoning adds the right amount of spicy hot mixture to bring out the richness of the other flavors with every bite.

Taco Seasoning Ingredients

You’ve seen it on the shelves of the grocery store, and maybe even bought yourself a pre-mixed packet of Old El Paso to add to your dinner taco night. But, taco seasoning is surprisingly easy to make from scratch. Besides its versatility in uses (which we’ll look at later), taco seasoning ingredients are also good for your health and wellbeing. The nutritional value of its main ingredients is something you’ll want to add to your regular nutritional intake.

Here’s the breakdown of ingredients with their health benefits:

  • Chili Powder

Chili powder is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that helps with digestion, increasing metabolism, weight loss, improves cognitive function, maintains heart health and blood pressure, builds up immunity, etc.

  • Ground Cumin

Another antioxidant, ground cumin contains anticancer properties, controls blood sugar levels, fights harmful bacteria and parasites, helps lower cholesterol, and aids weight loss efforts.

  • Paprika

Paprika is loved for so many reasons. It supports healthy vision, reduces inflammation in your body, improves your cholesterol levels, and fights oxidative stress levels which reduces your risk of developing cancer.

  • Garlic Powder

Garlic powder is loaded with vitamins and minerals including iron, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, selenium, and much more. Garlic powder is known to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease, reduce high blood pressure, prevent diabetes, and improve liver health and overall immune function. 

  • Dried Oregano

Dried oregano is rich in antioxidants that fight and block the harmful effects of 

free radicals in the body. This helps protect your system from developing heart 

disease and other chronic illnesses.

A Mixture Your Body will Thank You For

As you can see, taco seasoning is more than just a benefit to your taste buds. Your body and health are improved when you go for the ingredients that will help it function and feel better. 

However, don’t feel limited by the name taco seasoning to restrict it only for tacos. There are many other ways to incorporate this wonderful blend of spicy mix into other edible delights.

Other uses for taco seasoning include:

  • Dry meat and vegetable rub
  • Dress up your sour cream dipping sauce
  • Sprinkle on crispy onion rings, french fries, tater tots, and more

Next time you order tacos, you might just appreciate all the wonderful ingredients your body benefits from.

Remember— eating healthy and feeling great are only the right ingredients away!

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