Sour Cream vs. Guacamole, Which is Best?

Mexican food toppings, like sour cream and guacamole, matter significantly. If you’ve ever sat down to enjoy a meal just to realize you’re missing the right toppings to make it taste so much better, then you understand the importance we speak of. There is simply no better way to complete your meal than to have the right toppings available. 

However, within the flavorful tastes of Mexican toppings, which fares better than the other; sour cream or guacamole? This article is all about getting down to the details. We’ll be comparing nutritional benefits, best food pairings, and more. 

Nutrition and Food Pairings

The wonderful thing about Mexican food is the nutritional variety represented in the many colorful dishes and toppings. Sour cream and guacamole are both nutritious foods and we’ll be looking at each of their health benefits.

Sour Cream

Sour cream is a great topping to have for your Mexican food dish of choice. Here’s how it fares in terms of nutritional value: 

 Quick facts:

  • High in calcium and phosphorus
  • Fermented dairy from milk cream
  • Relieves spicy food effect

Good source of Calcium – Sour cream gets its tart flavor by fermenting dairy cream with lactic acid and bacteria. Similar to yogurt, it is rich in calcium and phosphorus improving bone health. 

Eases Spiciness – Sour cream helps tame the effects of spicy food. It is the perfect thing to eat following a bite into salsa or chilis causing your mouth to burn and your eyes water. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen, but at least you can relax when you have sour cream on your plate. 

Dairy Source – Sour cream is a dairy item and not suited for anyone lactose intolerant or avoiding dairy for any reason. 

Best Food Pairings 

Sour cream is fantastic on tacos, nachos, quesadillas, burritos, and anything with spicy hot flavors to balance it out while adding a cooler temperature to your hot meal. 


Guacamole is another great topping that is full of health benefits and the perfect taste to combine with many of the dishes you love. Not only is the taste amazing, but it is definitely worth any extra cost.

 Quick facts:

  • High in folate 
  • Vitamin C & E source
  • High in fiber
  • Keto-friendly

Folate is a key B vitamin necessary for transforming carbs into energy.

Vitamin C and E prevents oxidative damage and keeps our heart, hair, skin, and nails in good condition.

Fiber is something that most Americans lack in their diets. This helps our bodies digest food and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Keto-friendly foods are important for people seeking alternatives to high carb menu items. The healthy fats contained in guacamole are perfect for keeping within the keto diet guidelines.

Food Pairings for Guacamole

Like sour cream, guacamole is a main staple to toppings and sides that are common with Mexican foods. Guacamole is great with tortilla chips, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and more. 

Overall, you can be the judge of which is best, but they both have great advantages in nutrition and taste. I think we can all agree that these main staple toppings add a little something extra to our plate.

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