What Ingredients Make the Perfect Taco?

It’s Taco Tuesday, you’re scrambling to feed your family a fiesta of delicious tacos. But, aghast, you have no idea how to create a taco worthy of your family’s dinner plates. Don’t fret, The Original Grande is here to help. We know which ingredients make up the perfect taco to wow even the pickiest of eaters. Some ingredients include:

Choose Your Protein, Season It Accordingly

What’s a perfect taco without meat? You can choose from any protein like chicken or beef.

Don’t Forget to Add Veggies to That Perfect Taco!

Another important component to creating the best taco is adding veggies. Some veggies you may consider adding include:

  • Shredded lettuce
  • Chopped onions
  • And more!

The Perfect Taco is Kind of Cheesy

No, we’re not talking about dad puns. The best tacos are topped with your choice of cheeses. At The Original Grande, we’re pretty partial to nacho cheese. It’s creamy and bursting with flavor, which makes for the ultimate taco topper. This is why we incorporate it in our Macho Taco and several of our other menu items.

Choose Your Tortilla Wisely

Another important part of taco is the tortilla. You can choose to either use a corn tortilla or a flour tortilla. The difference between the two is fairly apparent:

  • Corn Tortillas: These tortillas are produced from corn and are more yellow. They’re also the most common tortilla for making hard shell tacos, like our Crunchy Tacos.
  • Flour Tortillas: These are produced from wheat flour and take on a more white color. This type of tortilla is perfect for soft tacos or protecting burrito fillings from falling out.

Or, You Can Find the Perfect Taco at The Original Grande

Sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking but you don’t want to be tacoless on Taco Tuesday. Why not stop by The Original Grande to fuel your inner fiesta and experience the most delicious tacos in the State of Kansas. We offer a variety of Mexican favorites including tacos, burritos, sanchos, enchiladas, and much more! Visit a location near you and see why people are saying “Viva Grande!”


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