How Restaurants Partner with Community Fundraising Programs

Generosity through community fundraising always has a way of coming back to you. Restaurants provide an atmosphere of connection, enabling them to make a real difference in their local communities. 

For example, our latest grand opening location in Salina, Kansas demonstrates the power of food and a good cause. We raised nearly $2,500 for the Child Advocacy and Parenting Services (CAPS). Since our grand openings always draw a large crowd, we chose to capitalize on this by partnering with a local non-profit to support. We encourage more restaurant-community connections just like this one. 

Donating a Percentage of Fundraising Profits

Thanks to the existence of many non-profit community organizations, there are many deserving recipients of profits raised to support their various causes. While offering food donations can benefit those seeking direct food items; financial support provides more flexibility in spending or saving within these organizations. 

Many restaurants have adopted different fundraising models as a win-win for everyone involved.

How Restaurant Fundraising Works

Here are the most common ways fundraising can take place:

Special event – An organization and local restaurant make an agreement to encourage people to visit the restaurant and order food and drinks on a specific day or during a set time. Promotions will go out by both parties to drive community participation with the clear incentive of raising money for the chosen cause.

At the end of the event, eligible orders are added up and a percentage is deducted as the fundraising amount presented to the sponsored organization.

Specific menu item – Alternatively, some restaurants choose to dedicate specific menu item(s) for profit percentages going towards a charity of their choice. This fundraising method provides an ongoing give-back throughout the year, rather than hosting a special event. 

In response to community disaster relief – Restaurants responding to community disasters may choose a local organization like the Red Cross or Habitat for Humanity to financially assist in relief efforts after a natural disaster or other types of calamity. 

These fundraising efforts serve the community while showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to serving and giving back, which is a core value of most patrons. It’s difficult to say no to participating when you are benefitting both a local restaurant and the non-profit organization they are seeking to support. 

Other Ways Restaurants Can Give Back

While community fundraising is an easy and common way to give back, there are other ways restaurants can do more.

  • Volunteer in the community – Restaurants can dedicate themselves and their staff towards volunteering in community events. This could mean serving at homeless shelters, nursing homes, or children’s hospitals. 
  • Donate used equipment/furniture – Consider donating your used items to places that could benefit from them the most.
  • Promote your commitment to giving back – Don’t be shy about promoting your efforts to give back, you’ll likely attract a higher volume of customers and therefore, more potential proceeds during fundraising.

The Scott City Location Hosts Back to School Fundraising Event

There’s a worthy cause happening this minute! Starting now through August 18th we’re encouraging community members to drop off school supplies at our Scott City location and receive a Beef Crunchy Taco discount card in return. 

On August 19th, we’ll host a Back to School Bash where we present families in need with backpacks and school supplies collected over the past few weeks. There’s sure to be some grande smiles and loads of good vibes. Come by and see for yourself!

The Original Grande Has the Mexican Food You Crave

We take care of our community’s Mexican food cravings. It’s why we offer a menu filled with yummy options for all ages. Don’t forget to get the toppings you need to satisfy your taste buds. Fuel your inner fiesta by experiencing any of our delicious Mexican food varieties. We offer all types of tacos, burritos, sanchos, enchiladas, and mucho more! 

Visit a location near you and see why people are saying “Viva Grande!” after visiting The Original Grande.


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