4 Reasons to Eat Chips and Salsa

One of the most beloved Mexican fares people eat is chips and salsa. Everyone has their favorite salsa and everyone has a particular chip they like to dip with. It’s often the centerpiece to many parties’ snack tables and almost always the thing people run out of first. Here are some reasons why you should never leave chips and salsa out of your diet.

It’s the Perfect Socializing Food

It doesn’t matter where you are or what the occasion is, chips and salsa are the perfect excuses to gather and mingle. Say you’re at work and need to stretch your legs and escape the barrage of words coming from your keyboard. Getting up and heading to the chip bowl is a great excuse to take a break and mingle with your fellow employees.

Here’s another scenario. It’s Super Bowl Sunday and it’s halftime with some band you’ve never heard of. You don’t care because all you’re thinking about is how saucy that salsa is. It’s the perfect time to get off the couch and chat with your friends over previous plays or the dumbest ads of the night. 

Chips and salsa bring people together no matter the occasion. 

Chips and Salsa are Actually Fairly Healthy

Okay, this may sound crazy but hear us out. While we don’t recommend making your entire diet around chips and salsa, it does have some health benefits due to its ingredients.

Your tortilla chips also aren’t too bad for you either. In fact, tortilla chips generally have little to no trans fats and less cholesterol than your average snack. 

Chips and Salsa Goes With Just About Any Meal

It doesn’t matter what you’re eating for dinner, chips and salsa make the perfect appetizer. It’s the perfect companion for a Taco Tuesday night, it’s the perfect start to a fun pizza party, it’s the beginning of any great birthday dinner; it’s perfect for any occasion. Don’t believe us? Think of some of your favorite parties and how this dish could have been the perfect addition to the dinner table.

Chips and Salsa Can Be a Meal All On It’s Own

Hungry but don’t feel like cooking? Why not grab the biggest bowl you have, fill it with your favorite tortilla chips and go to town on some salsa. This could be either salsa you’ve made from scratch with the freshest ingredients or your favorite store-bought variety. Whatever you decide will surely satisfy your cravings and make for an amazing meal. 

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